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Tutorial: Deep Learning + DCS

| by Ivan Sivak

Let's say you have data. It can be anything. Let's say you would like to use the power of AI and predict certain information about the new records coming to this database. Let's say you want to do it in 5 minutes from scratch, and you have zero programming skills. Sounds like a dream? Not for BotX.

The Reward System

| by Alexandra Vilceanu

Regardless of whether we are aware of it or not, each and every one of the motor programs designed within our prefrontal cortex is based on some form of intrinsic reasoning. A significant amount of contemporary neuroscientific work focuses on defining and understanding the circuitry that underlies reward, and how this manages to shape us.


| by Alexandra Vilceanu

Have we found the magical switch that solves, at least at a biochemical level, our existential quest for well-being? As we refine our understanding of serotoninergic systems and their ramifications, we come to realize that serotonin's action is in no way straightforward. A simplistic understanding of serotonin as a neurotransmitter may often prove ignorant.

Cognitive Diagram: Description

| by Ivan Sivak

Chances are you heard of the terms such as AI, machine learning, automation, etc. Indeed, automation is a big thing. Who wouldn't want to automate any of the existing processes or activities and to make them run faster, more efficiently, on a much larger scale, and often more precisely?

Split-brain: multitudes within us

| by Alexandra Vilceanu

One can often find pieces of profound understanding of human nature in the depths of common idioms. “I’m not feeling like myself today.” What does this mean? We are masters of numerous subprograms that run simultaneously to achieve different goals. This is why we are put in a position to constantly make decisions.

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